Love Handle vs. Face Handle

By Annette Schwarz | January 11, 2012

Just from the latest update at my porn site:

Who needs love handles if you can grab a girls face to get a little more power while fucking? What do you like more – face handle or love handle?

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American Porn – I definitely WILL come back

By Annette Schwarz | December 17, 2011

Even tough I am very active in Europe people might think I quit doing porn. Just because I am not in America right now that does not mean I am quitting porn. I tell you guys the truth – there are many reasons why I did not return to the US yet.

  1. It is not easy for a non american citizien to go back and forward as much as you want.
  2. I feel more free in my sexuality and perversity in Europe since we have less rules when it comes to shooting porn
  3. American Porn is based in L.A., so there are some people who mix up being a Pornstar or Director with being a Hollywood A-Lister. I am not a big fan of this big head attitude and superficially behavoir. In fact it makes me suffer a lot. I can not handle it for a long period.
  4. Sometimes even doing porn in front of the camera can get boring. I mean honestly if your not in love or attracted to someone you can not fuck him or her for too many times. Ok, first times no problem since you just craving for cock and cunt. But like in private life if u had her/him ones it is about enough
  5. Sometimes it is good to take a creative break

Since I want to do things not with half of my passion I prefer to go back when I feel I am ready for it! But as i said many times before I definitely WILL come back!

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Christmas TIME!

By Annette Schwarz | December 2, 2011

My beloved Schwarzoholic if your with your Schwarz also this christmas go and check out my this years wishlist.
This time there are also a lot of things from german onlineshops, so if your not from the US you can get me something from a german online store and pay the normal shipping rates. If your from the US, its better to ship the item first to your place and than you ship it to Germany so you will pay much less. Of course only if that is possible for you (if you live alone…) For everyone who gets me something till christmas will get some nasty autographs from me and some photos of me modeling your presents. If you get me something that tops the value of 250 Dollar you will get a short video clip of me talking to you, modeling your presents and doing a little strip show. If you top 500 Dollar I will do with you a 25 Minutes One-on-One Chat Show!
Would love to see you soon with me one on one!

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Lady GAGA & Terry Richardson

By Annette Schwarz | November 28, 2011

Honestly I am not a fan at all from Lady GAGA. I do not find her attractive, nor do I like her music. In her case you can say “Sex sells” again. I know she does have a lot of fans but honestly I do not understand why. I can understand why she is pretty present in media. When you see her first steps as a musician playing the keys at home, you can tell that she is a pretty smart person – not only because of the image transformation – also because of her look. Maybe because of her eyes which she is constantly hiding away now, you can tell that knows exactly what she is doing. I don´t think that she is a talented musician – but anyway you don´t have to be that to be entertaining. But she obviously is born to entertain. When you watch her early shows, you see her walking around in mini skirts high heels and nylons, always masquerading. The songs are well produced pop songs I don´t care for. I am wishing she was pushing it a little further with Terry´s book. I mean she should give her fans what the demand for: her cunt! But sadly she is too conform (or maybe to corrupt) to take that step.



The book seems to be a collection of behind-the-scenes photographs during one year of the life of Lady GAGA.
I do not think that i will buy this book even though i love the Terry Richardson and his raw styled photos. I love the Polaroid look a like shoots which have a amateur touch. I like that he does not light out every wrinkle of the models skin, he is not shooting the pictures from some weird angles. He shoots really old style and does not follow any trend. His pictures are provocative and have some porn touch. Beside money and fame I don´t understand why Terry is shooting GAGA. You can really predict how the book is gonna be. Terry got tamed by GAGA. And GAGA maybe had to be in a book like Madonna (Sex), to become the new Madonna.
Will you buy it?

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Sexy Ankle Socks

By Annette Schwarz | November 21, 2011

I looove ankled socks there so innocent and sexy, even though I do not think that I have the perfect legs for wearing them.
Do not get me wrong I love my legs but they are really sporty and thick. So ankle socks make my legs look even bigger. But who cares I love thicker, juicy legs they always remember me on a nice chicken leg,just ready to bite them. But I was talking about anklet socks not about legs. I love them because they look so 80s and school girlish. Special in this light colours like white, pink sand so on. What do you think about them? In case you dont know what I am talking about enjoy those pictures here – they are from an update called Dr. Schwarz at my Annette Schwarz hardcore website!

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Der Berg ruft! – Call of the mountain!

By Annette Schwarz | November 14, 2011

The question whether fucking can be called a hobby had been asked, so I tried to combine two hobbies this time. I love hiking. The fresh air in an unpolluted environment makes me so horny. You know that I love to flash. So this is what had to happen:
Here are some pictures of me flashing and passing water into a wild creek.

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Salma de Nora

By Annette Schwarz | October 21, 2011

Here is one picture from one of the latest updates at my porn site with Salma de Nora. Salma de Nora is a nice girl from spain. Recently, from my perspective, most of the time she is crawling around in Germanys porn clubs and hotels. Therefore it was time to get her at my place as well.

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Licking the floor or cleaning up again!

By Annette Schwarz | October 18, 2011

As I gave you already once are quick look behind the scenes of my porniest – here is part two:

I think I already know which one you would prefer having cleaning YOUR floor!
BTW I am not joking – I clean my floor like that after having some porn fun!

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Oktoberfest Porn Review

By Annette Schwarz | September 27, 2011

It´s Oktoberfest in Munich again. As some of you guys might know back in 2005 there were quiet some rumors about me shooting for my hardcore site on it.
A few days ago I saw this article in a local newspaper about this amateur girl who shoot there last year. Well, I am going to be around there to – not planing to shoot – just for pleasure :-) I don´t know what is going to happen, if I´ll bump into her.

It is funny – they just put the article from 2005 within this new one…

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Who is my next web designer?

By Annette Schwarz | September 6, 2011

You know, my site is now more than four years old. For a website this is like stone age – so I guess it’s about time for a change. First I wanted to make a short contest on, but they kicked me out, since my ideas have been to kinky for their site. Therefore I am searching for more open minded professional designer now!

I am crazy little Circus Bitch and this is what my site should express, too. I want something innovative, not the usual boring shit fuck pink porn slut site. So it should be strong, german, clear structured, not too overloaded, no PINK!!!, NO FLOWERS!!!, no HELLO KITTY!, but at the same time not too different from my running hardcore site – since I want people to still recognize it!
You think you are the one? Please send me a short note including your references or a short draft. After contacting me, your’ll get more input to get the work done.

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